Specialist Risks

Arranging cover for unique risks which our clients may face.

Throughout ATL’s trading history we have frequently been presented with unique, niche or specialist risks which our clients face and require bespoke products to be sourced and placed on their behalf.

Utilising our well-established broking network, we are able to consistently satisfy these requests and exceed the expectations of our clients.

Details of our products and expertise can be found below.

Examples of these specialist risks include, but are not limited to, the following interests.

  • Land Kidnap & Ransom
  • Ship Seizure
  • Cyber Risks
  • Personal Accident
  • Political Violence
  • Financial Institutions
  • Financial Guaranty Insurance
  • Prize Indemnity
  • Contingency Risks

ATL’s expertise extends to the procurement of aviation products including airlines, general aviation and aerospace which are detailed below.

  • General Aviation, Liability and War Risks
  • Air Traffic Control Liability
  • Airport General Liability
  • Aircraft Bank and Leasing
  • Product Manufacturers Liability
  • Ground Crew Liability
  • Refuellers Liability
  • Maintenance Repair and Overhaul Liability
  • General Aviation, Hull, Liability & War
  • Loss of Licence – Air Crew and Air Traffic Control Officer
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