Marine, Energy and Associated Risks

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ATL foundations are set deep within the marine industry, we maintain strong relationships with the world’s leading insuring groups that underwrite most major classes of business and provide our clients with updates on market developments and trends while always ensuring first class coverage and competitive pricing.

With extensive technical knowledge and market expertise, ATL is perfectly positioned to deliver bespoke coverage across a wide spectrum.

Details of our products and expertise can be found below.

Hull & Machinery and Associated Risks

Hull & Machinery typically acts as the headline for several marine related interests which offer, these include:

  • Hull & Machinery
  • Disbursements (Increased Value, Freight Interest, Anticipated Charter Hire, Hull Interest, Freight Interest, General Average Contributions)
  • Voyage / Towage
  • Loss of Hire
  • Marine Builders / Construction & Conversion Risks
  • Yachts
  • Port Risks
  • Mortgagees Interest / Additional Perils
  • Innocent Owners
  • Lessors Interest
  • Social Responsibility Insurance
War, Strikes and Contingency Risks

In additional to standard Hull & Machinery Risks, we offer coverage against Marine War and Contingency Risks as follows:

  • War Risks, Civil War, Revolution and Rebellion
  • Blocking and Trapping
  • Mines, Torpedoes, Bombs or Other Derelict Weapons of War, Strikes and Labour Disturbances
  • Confiscation, Nationalisation and Expropriation and Detainment
  • Terror and Sabotage -Maliciously activity or from a Political Motive
  • Violent Theft from outside the Vessel
  • Barratry of Master and Crew
  • War Loss of Hire
  • War Protection & Indemnity
  • Drug Seizure
  • Marine Kidnap & Ransom
Cargo Risks

We can offer a variety of Cargo solutions for goods worldwide whether in transit, in storage or at third party subcontractors, on a stock throughput basis as follows.

  • Cargo War Risks
  • Stock Throughput
  • Project Cargo
  • Fine Art & Specie
  • Cash on Board
  • Cargo Liability
Marine Liability Risks

We have access to a range of markets which offer a variety of Marine Liability interests as follows.

  • Shiprepairers Legal Liability
  • Salvors Liability
  • Terminal Operators Legal Liability
  • Wharfinger’s Legal Liability
  • Charterers Liability
  • Maritime Employers Liability
  • Marine Contractors Liability
  • Marine Professional Indemnity
  • Marina Operators’ Liability
Ports & Terminals

We work with a number of markets that offer a comprehensive package policy to cover all property and liability exposures of ports and/or terminals operators worldwide. We can place on either a direct or reinsurance basis. Coverage typically includes:

  • Loss of or Damage to Port or Terminal property
  • Loss of or Damage to Cargo Under Care, Custody and Control of the Insured
  • Physical Loss or Damage to Owned or Leased Handling or Carrying Equipment
  • Liability for physical loss or damage to any third party vessel or equipment owned or operated by a sub-contractor or customer.
  • Business interruption including blockage of ports, channels or waterways
  • Professional indemnity for negligent acts or omissions of staff including breach of warranty
  • Liability to authorities including regulatory breaches
  • Terrorism
Energy & Renewables

ATL’s specialist renewable energy team provides a comprehensive range of insurance solutions, covering all aspects of renewable energy risks.

Our team provides advice at all stages of a project from planning to completion, with a wide range of products and solutions, including for hydro, on & offshore wind, solar PV, Wave & Tidal Risks.

At ATL, we work closely with specialist insurers within the renewable energy sector, which provides you, the client, with access to experienced underwriters who understand your sector and comprehensive coverage at the most competitive terms.

  • Operators’ Extra Expense
  • Onshore and Offshore Construction and Renewables
  • Upstream and Downstream Operational Policies
  • Land Rig and Offshore Drilling Rig fleets
  • FPSOs and associated Equipment
  • Terrorism Risks for Onshore Facilities
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