Protection & Indemnity

Competitive solutions within the mutual & fixed Protection & Indemnity market.

ATL’s maritime expertise extends to sourcing competitive solutions within the Protection & Indemnity / Freight, Demurrage and Defence (FD&D) market.

Our relationships with both the International Group and Fixed Premium providers allow us to add additional value beyond that of a traditional P&I offering, ensuring our clients enjoy industry leading service and efficient claims handling.

Details of our products and expertise can be found below.

Protection & Indemnity
  • Injury, illness and death of crew, passengers or other persons
  • Cargo loss, shortage or damage
  • Collision and damage to property including docks, buoys and other fixed and floating objects
  • Pollution & Wreck Removal
  • Fines and/or administrative penalties arising out of the operation and/or management of vessels
  • Unpaid crew wages
Freight, Demurrage and Defence (FD&D)
  • Charterparties
  • Contracts of Carriage
  • Bills of Lading
  • Contracts of Affreightment
  • Vessel new building or conversion contracts
  • Vessel sale and purchase contracts
  • Vessel repair contracts
  • Vessel agency, stevedoring, towage and salvage contracts
  • Insurance broking, ship broking and management service contracts
  • Bunker and necessaries contracts
  • Crew contracts
  • Certificates of Financial Responsibility (COFR)
  • Other maritime operational agreements
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